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  1. yeah why not, ask what ever u want.
    Haha i no sexual experience as i m virgin, but knows enough about it.
  2. Tell me about yourself, i mean what u do and what about your sexual life?
  3. haha, it was'nt a big guess.
    So, anything else u want to discuss?
  4. Yes dude, ur guess is rite.
  5. u mean,
    u allowed him to massage his penis in your buttocks...

    And forbade him entering in ur anus?
  6. Ya, he wanted my ass but i told him very polietly that i wont feel good if he wd take my ass, but i allowed him to fuck my buttocks if he wish so...And he is very happy with it, often takes my buts.
  7. thats really good..
    As pathans have great lust for ass.
    Wot abt u and ur husband views about anal sex?
    Have u ever tried it?
  8. Ya i am enjoying it with full intensity, and satisfy as well. Usually pathan men are very strong both sexually and physically, thats why pathan women dont have any problem in this regard.
  9. thank u for you detailed reply...
    I think you are still enjoying your married and sex life and you are satisfied with it.
    Thats really good.
  10. Nope, i never asked and neither can i ask. Bcoz i know that he wont do it and this demand will make him angry only, which i dont wants.
    My age is above 35.
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